Sixteen New Volunteers Attend Disaster Relief Training

Sixteen New Volunteers Attend Disaster Relief Training


Disaster Relief Chaplains

Senior Pastor Richard Grilley, Trinity Baptist Church, Ashland, Ohio requested the opportunity to host a disaster relief ministry training event.  The session was scheduled and held on May 19-20, 2017.  

Sixteen new volunteers were trained in Food Service, Mud-Out, Chain Saw, and Shower Unit areas of service, of the Disaster Relief Ministry.  These volunteers represent Five (5) associations and six (6) different churches from around the state.

Volunteers serve for up to 11 days when they are called to travel out of state (in state responses range from 1-7 days), in support of a disaster response.  Most of the time they sleep in a Southern Baptist church and their ministry, while focusing on Christ and His redemption, highlights the expression of love for community by the local church.  Many times volunteers have opportunity to share their testimony with disaster victims and see the fruit of their labor in salvations. 

In fact, last year Ohio volunteers recorded the following activity for 2016:

Professions of faith in Christ = 35
Houses Mud out  =  35
Children cared for =   38
Meals prepared   =   10,000
Assessments =  130
Showers  =  43
Laundry loads  =  10
Repair jobs = 1
Volunteer days  1200
Other decisions for Christ = 15
Bibles distributed = 85
Chaplain Contacts =  325

First Baptist Church of Heath will host our next training event on November 17-18, 2017.  Pre-register for this event on our website under DR Training.  (article by Sam Kelley)

Lunch Break - Trinity Baptist serving lunch.