PrayOhio! 30 Days of Prayer for REACH Ohio in September

PrayOhio! 30 Days of Prayer for REACH Ohio in September

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

O my God! I do believe in Thee. I believe in Thee as the Father, Infinite in Thy Love and Power. And as the Son, my Redeemer, and my Life. And as the Holy Spirit, Comforter and Guide and Strength. Three-One God, I have faith in Thee. I know and am sure that all that Thou are Thou are to me, that all Thou hast promised Thou will perform. 
Lord Jesus! Increase this faith. Teach me to take time, and wait and worship in the Holy Presence until my faith takes in all there is in my God for me.” 
—With Christ in the School of Prayer, Lesson 12 p. 75

PrayOhio! has designated the month of September for 30 days of prayer for REACH Ohio. A prayer guide will be available that will include a scripture passage, devotional thought, and prayer prompts for 30 days. Churches all across Mission Ohio are encouraged to lead their members to “take time” to engage in prayer. This PrayOhio! initiative will expand on our Ray Roberts Week of Prayer and State Missions Offering (September 9-16).

Prayer guides will be available in pdf you can print or download to your phone or tablet, and a printed version available for the cost of printing. You can register for daily email reminders. Facebook Live!, posts and daily tweets will encourage us to humble ourselves, pray, and seek His face (2 Chronicles 7:14). The 30 days will highlight three prayer directives – days 1-10 humility and confession; days 11-20 seeking His face and listening; and days 21-30 intercession and petition.

Churches are also encouraged to host a solemn assembly or prayer gathering during September to pray for REACH Ohio. Resources for corporate prayer experiences are available at or by contacting Steve Hopkins ( 614.601.6820)

"God rules the world by the prayers of His saints; ...prayer is the power by which Satan is conquered; ... by prayer, the Church on earth has disposal of the powers of the heavenly world. ...Jesus has, by His promise, consecrated every assembly in His name to be a gate of heaven, where His Presence is to be felt, and His Power experienced in the Father fulfilling their desires." —With Christ in the School of Prayer, Lesson 15 p. 94

“We seek God’s gifts: God wants to give us Himself first. We think of prayer as the power to draw down good gifts from heaven; Jesus as the means to draw ourselves up to God.
Therefore, child of God, take time, take time, to bow before Him, to wait on Him to reveal Himself. Take time, and let thy soul in holy awe and worship exercise and express its faith in the Infinite One, and as He imparts Himself and takes possession of thee, the prayer of faith will crown thy faith in God.” —With Christ in the School of Prayer, Lesson 12 p. 75

Andrew Murray