Family Week Comes Back to Seneca Lake in 2017

Family Week Comes Back to Seneca Lake in 2017

Article by Bob Williams

Encouraged by Pastors Bill Perry of A Child’s Hope International, and Daniel Williams of Arrowbrook Baptist Church, with a bunch of help from Scott Seder at SLBA, Family Week came back to Seneca Lake this June. Arrowbrook Baptist Church handled the registration for the event, Baptists across the state were once again able to get together to spend time with their families, while also visiting with old friends and making new friends.

The memories driving the vision for family week were simple – watching moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and family friends spending time doting on the little ones and encouraging the older ones. Pastor Bill Perry testified in an article earlier this year how as a young struggling pastor, their family simply would not have been able to financially afford to get away and have a vacation. It is really something to be able to watch a young pastor being able to focus some attention on his own family when you have an appreciation just how much a pastor’s family gives up for the church family.

Becky O’Brien of Lincoln Heights Baptist Church, Mansfield, hosted a Kids Kraft Cabin to give moms and dads time to connect. Amy Williams of Arrowbrook Baptist Church, Xenia, brought along all the usual board games for families and friends to play in the evening. The Perry family of Urbancrest Baptist Church, Lebanon, organized all the tournaments. The Perry girls (Leah and Rachel) brought their A game to the 3 on 3 basketball tournament. They nearly defeated this year’s championship team of Jacob Perry, Pastor Dan Williams (Arrowbrook Baptist, Xenia) and Pastor James Risner (Brantwood Baptist Church, Dayton). But Team Perry, while making these young pastors feel every bit of their age in the championship game, also won the heart of a young girl spectator proclaiming – "you’ve shown me my life sport!" Bill Perry and son Jacob Perry brought home this year’s prize bologna by winning the men’s horseshoe tournament.

More information and pictures celebrating this year’s return of Family Week to Seneca Lake can be found on the Facebook Page where this review was posted:

Family camp was a refreshing time for our family of 5 (almost 6). We have kids that are 4,5, and 6. They had a blast. We reconnected as a family at this beautiful place with high quality rooms, food, snacks, etc. - Jenny Risner


Family Camp has reserved the 1st week of the camp season again next year June 4-8, 2018. School will have just finished and summer will not yet have had a chance to get really busy with conventions and Vacation Bible Schools. Why not schedule this time to spend with your family along with other Baptist families across Ohio? One camper noted how they never had to worry about the safety of their child at family camp as they might have going to another campground. Your church family might also want to use Family Camp as a time for fellowship and discipleship with worship and Bible teaching every evening in the Chapel. Future details regarding registration will be posted at and any questions may be addressed to Bob Williams, Arrowbrook Baptist Church, by email at

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