Family Camp Was Such a Blessing!

Family Camp Was Such a Blessing!

We did it! Family Camp 2017 is in the record books. It was so good being back at Seneca Lake visiting with old friends. We set up the camp like it was many years ago. There was time for the family to be with family! All three meals were provided and between meals the pool was open, time to go fishing, paddle boating, canoeing, putt-putt golf, and my favorite nap time. Each night we gathered on Vesper Hill for daily reflections and testimonies then down to the Chapel for Family Devotions. So many times, we get so busy at work or even at church that we don't spend the time we should with our family. At Family Camp, that is not the case. This week is all about your family!

Almost twenty years ago, my oldest son played horseshoes with me. It did my heart good to see my oldest son showing his youngest son how to pitch a horseshoe. This may seem so simple to some but to me this is what Family Camp is about…family.


One of our favorite family times is snack time after Chapel. You go to Chapel to get feed the Word of God and then go to deck behind the cafeteria for snack time with all the families.

Almost each night you will find moms and dads out with their little kids playing on the putt-putt golf course. It isn’t the greatest course but that doesn’t matter. It is the time you get to spend with your kids that matter the most!


Well, I could go on and on about Family Camp. For me it was such a blessing to spend time with my kids and no cell phones. No internet! Just some good old fashion talking and walking the camp with my kids.

This last picture is with my youngest daughter, Rachel.  I have the same picture with one of my older daughters when we walked the trails at Seneca Lake many years ago. This year, I once again got to walk with my daughter…just the two of us!!  

Bill Perry